Friday, August 6, 2010

Angel - An Old Soul

Sweet, steady, and kind, Angel is a versatile little horse just right for an advanced beginner.
While she is strong and can carry a man, a teen, child, or small woman would be the best fit.

Angel is steadfast with the unexpected.

She takes unusual obstacles in stride.

Though she is 25, she is a quality horse.

While we love her deeply, Angel is available for adoption. It is easy to say wonderful things about this little Arab mare, but incredibly hard to imagine having to say goodbye. That's how it is about Angel. She knows how to touch your heart.

Angel is coming 25 and about 14 hands. She would be a good horse for a child or a small adult. We keep our horses barefoot and Angel has done outstanding with this approach to hoof care. She is healthy, yet as a senior appreciates her LMF senior served along with her morning and evening hay. Her teeth were done on July 30, 2010.

As you can see in these photos, she is responsive under saddle and very willing.

Yet because of the abuse in her history, she is not a horse for a beginner. She needs a family who "speaks" horse. Angel will continue to thrive with people who can sustain her trust by providing her with the consistency that all horses appreciate.

Angel is a special horse and deserves a very special home.

If you are interested in more information about adopting Angel,
please email us at

We will contact you and share info about Angel.
We will also talk about our adoption policies at HRHR.

If we agree that you and Angel might be a good "fit",
we will send you an adoption application.